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Air Cool and Electri-Care is a full air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical supplies company based in the Eastern Cape focused on full Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical solutions to a wide range of customers.





To position Air Cool and Electri-Care as the preferred Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical service provider to a broad industry including commercial and private institutes.





To provide the industry with optimal Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical solutions by effectively combing experience, people, systems and free floating assets.


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We now offer a in-house finance service in conjunction with Excelite and Nedbank. This is a NO deposit, flexible repayment terms service starting from R2000 up to R120 000. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Whites Road Project with Mark Wilby

Mark Wilby is an artist of many trades. He has worked in film, production design, theatrical scenic services, exhibition display, commercial photography and, of course, visual art.

Wilby has worked on more than 40 film productions, including 1922 (1983), The Fourth Reich (1989),Taxi to Soweto (1991), The Line (1993), A Private Life (1988), Friends (1992), Kin (2001), Red Dust(2004) and Krakatoa (2005).

He moved from Johannesburg to the Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda in 1994, and on to Grahamstown towards the end of 2006.

In Nieu Bethesda, Wilby established the Ibis Art Centre, which gained standing as an innovative venue for the promotion of contemporary art, and curated several contemporary art projects including the!Xoe site-specific events, which link contemporary art and the rural environment. He was involved with the formation of the Owl House Foundation, of which he was chairman for a number of years, and serves on the board of the Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre.

Wilby has exhibited in both group and solo shows around the country, including at the National Arts Festival and the Klein Karoo Kunstefees.

In 2000, Wilby completed a BA (Fine Art) degree through Unisa.

He has twice been the recipient of the M-Net/Vita Award for art direction: for A Private Life (1988) and Friends (1992). In 1999 and 2000 he was awarded the Judges Award at the Sasol New Signatures event.


And with this said - follow the progress on the Whites Road Project with us... 

The official opening of Route 67


The day had finally come, and on the 24th of September we had the official opening of Route 67!


We were met with a sunny, spring day - no rain, clouds and stormy weather as we had the previous day, and no strong wind - as most would expect in Port Elizabeth! And with the dawning of this beautiful day one could only feel that this project was blessed!


The day started with a tour from Market Square down to the Campanile - which was the first marker for the walk, then up to the Fountain of words. We then proceeded to the monument of Queen Vicotria - where she stood ever so proud, as if she knew that we were there to celebrate our heritage and she was proud for us to do so!


The group of eager and proud participants then made their way up to the walk - where, yes you know by now - the bollards lights we gave "light life" too stands tall and proud. Marked upon steps of beautiful mosaic, the bollard lights stand - encaged in art work from students from our Metro - each one crafted to the idea and inspiration each student envisioned when they made their mark on this walk.


Up we went to the grand Donkin Reserve - the Balcony of the Bay - and rightfully named - standing tall, a beacon over looking our Bay - signaling the re-birth of the Metro in the capable hands of a crew that ever so loudly also make their mark.


Listening to the speeches made, we knew that the Metro was in good hands.. And our hands are part of this! What an honor, what a privilege..


Standing on the Balcony of the Bay, with the beautiful mosaic carpet under my feet, the walk with its lights, all the splendor of it all in front of me - I now realised that "we were there when history was re-written", we were there when the Metro shouted from its roof top - "Look world I have arrived"...

Route 67 - Lighting up our Metro

It is with pride and tremendous excitement that we announce our involvement with this prestiges project.


Being able to work with the very capable Pierre Voges, Chief Operating Officer of the MBDA and Dorelle Sapere, Planning and Development Manager also from the MBDA, and the renowned artist, cultural leader, producer and absolute inspiration, Marcus Neustetter. We have been afforded the oppertunity to work with the aforementioned on the memorable Route 67.


As a company set on being part of changing this already beautiful Metro of ours into a more welcoming, safe and "Art Alive" destination, we are proud to announce that we are involved in this momentous and prestiges "Walking piece of Art". A contribution that we would like to refer to as "lighting up the very heart of the city".


A contribution, how small ever to the human eye, equally as vast to the hearts of the contributors.


Doing the lighting around the 34 Bollard Lights, lighting up the walk way from the Orientation Artwork Wall up to the Donkin Reserve itself. Lighting up the art work done by different students from our own Metro - to simbolise their interpretation of the Metro and the Walk. Hence our interpretation of "Lighting up the very heart of the city"...


With the equally exciting prospects of another project on the not so distant horizon... All very exciting...


So, with this said - please follow our progress and updates on our Social Development and Responsibility page. Complete with the details of how it all started and where we are now...complete with photo's.


Here's hoping you are equally as excited as we are in being part of this Memorable Event.


Finance available on easy terms 

We now offer in-house finance in conjunction with Excelite and Nedbank.


NO Deposit required

Flexible repayment terms of up to 48 months

Credit purchases from R2000 up to R120 000

Excelite in conjunction with Nedbank is a trusted lender


Terms and Conditions Apply


Key considerations

  • Master Electrician.
  • Independent private company.
  • Contractor vetting and management.
  • Real time Air conditioning and Refrigeration management solutions.
  • Product pricing and tracking solutions
  • In-House Finance available


Finance on easy terms

NO Deposit

Flexible repayment terms

Credit from R2000 up to R120 000

Excelite in conjunction with Nedbank is a trusted lender

Terms and Conditions Apply

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